Parrot Disco installed Insta360 One X and disco4G (6.7km flight)

I can’t believe that Parrot Disco can shoot video so freely. When I did this test, the effect was better than expected. Awesome!

I installed Insta360 One X on the bottom, just like many other multi-copter cameras. Now I can shoot a lot of angles that I could only get in an multi-copter cameras. Because it is a 360 degree panoramic video, I no need to distract the video angle and view during flight. Through post-production, I can find the angles I like in front of my computer.

Please pay attention to the screen (10:20), the eagle that rushed to the front was discovered when the post-production. Due to the speed, it is impossible to make a live capture.
1. Insufficient resolution, this film is HD (1920×1080), we can’t render it to 4K;
2. When the wind is strong, flying at high speed or climbing, the video will have a jello effect, which cannot be eliminated by post-production (00:33);
3. Post-production will take more time;
4. 360 video files are larger, and the computer’s functional requirements are higher
Since the camera is below, the Parrot Disco has no landing gear. A flat landing may damage the Insta360. So the place with the long grass is found to be landing, and the result is satisfactory. (12:07)

“Softwares for post-production”
– Adobe premiere 2018;
– GoPro VR plugin;

“Long distance flight”
Thanks to the author of disco4g providing tools for long-distance flight for free. The video is taken from a single shot, from launch to landing, the longest distance is 6.7 kilometers (08:26).
Source code:

“360 video”
With the same source file, I’m editing the VR video version, you can compare the source with the editing version, please stay tuned.