Paragliding w/Friends | Insta360 One X Cam | Yi4k Cam | Flight Junkie 1210 – The VR360 Version

After a long winter of attempts/trials and lessons learned, I finally got the chance to fly again. This is the first time I have had the chance to officially use the 360 cam on a flight. Albeit a short, not-so-fun turbulent flight, it was still worth it.

I just wanted to post this because I have not been posting many para-glider videos on YouTube and I wanted to put out at least one 360 video for those interested. Whether it be for PPG or just to check out the insta360 cam. This was recorded at 5.7k 30fps res and down-sampled to 1440p (2K). The Yi4K cam was recorded at 2K res 60fps and reduced to 30fps to match the 360 cam video.

I purchased my Airdesign Eazy2 glider, Monster Fresh-Breeze motor and Fly-Pod trike from Flight Junkies and was trained by Kurt Fister. At this current video posting I have less than 10 flights in and have never had any aviation experience prior. Except for flying as a passenger in planes and helicopters. And piloting my own drone. Training from Flight Junkies is free with the purchase of any piece of equipment.