Panono optical flow stitching with Mistika VR preset

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The best and worst of Panono; plus: how to fix stitching errors

You can now use optical flow stitching with Panono (reviewed here) thanks to a new stitching preset in Mistika VR.

Panono is the 360 camera with the highest resolution 360 photos at the moment (108 megapixels, stitched resolution 16384 x 8192).  Although the Panono has unparalleled detail and very good dynamic range, it uses cloud-based stitching that is seldom perfect, and can be unpredictable.

But now you’ll be able to stitch Panono on your own desktop with Mistika VR, with a new preset for Panono.  According to SGO Mistika devs, you just need to “[a]pply the preset, then use the “Improve Offsets” and “Improve Angles”, then activate the Optical Flow toggle.”

Hopefully, with Mistika VR, Panono stitching can become more reliable and predictable.

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