Over 150 VR Videogames Entered into Global Game Jam 2016

    Virtual reality (VR) videogame jams aren’t an especially new concept. It was almost a year ago now, for example, that Oculus VR ran its own Mobile VR Jam for the Gear VR mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD). But VR projects can also be a part of larger development jams. The 2016 Global Games Jam, which took place last weekend from 29th – 31st January, is a great example of this. A total of 157 VR submissions over the course of the competition were made, with projects for every kind of HMD in the works.

    Headline sponsors for this year’s event were Defold and Unity, while Facebook, Unreal Engine and many more also contributed. In total the jam saw over 36,000 developers from across 93 countries gather to create almost 6,800 videogames.

    VR titles were hugely varied. They include the likes of After Visit for the HTC Vive, which follows Little Red Riding Hood on her journey back to her home after her encounter with the big bad wolf concluded. There’s also Symphony of the Machine, in which players work with a machine that controls the weather, and Curse of Macbeth, a VR horror adventure in which a young British actress accidentally unleashes the legendary curse.

    There are plenty of other examples of VR submissions to this year’s jam available to see online. The event will be returning in 2017 and, with major VR HMDs set to release in the next few months, you can expect the technology to have an even bigger presence next time around.

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