Outsourcing – Delegate Those Tedious Chores

Being the chief cook and bottle washer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Most entrepreneurs, myself included, start out doing everything themselves. In Internet marketing, this is the case in most new ventures. Getting these same people to turn over this part of their business, you know, the dull, repetitive, and boring stuff, can be difficult. These very same qualities that push an entrepreneur to take control of his or her destiny, can make it extremely hard to delegate even the smallest task.

Once your business finally starts making enough profit and you have a little extra capital to reinvest in the business you should start first with what is most desperately needed. Upgrading outdated equipment, investing in newer faster software, purchasing goods for the daily operation of your business, etc. Then you need to take a hard look at many of the time consuming chores that return little in the way of income. Paying someone else to do the menial tasks and grunt work while you continue to devote your time and energy to growing and maintaining revenue streams is what I call working smart.

Your main strength should center around the main source of your income. Pass all the other chores, repetitive tasks, duties and time consuming labor onto your subordinates or your outsourcing team as soon as possible. Quite frankly, I’m guessing that you’re not cut out to be a clerical worker, if you choose and start your own business. As soon as economically feasible, you need to find someone to do your clerical work for you, either as an employee or as a remote virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can become the most cost-effective way to get those simple jobs done, and the labor-intensive and repetitive tasks.

Outsourcing to the Philippines, India, or any of the other Third World countries may leave a bad taste in your mouth, but it’s something you certainly need to explore. Even if you’re someone who has been downsized after your job was shipped out to someone in India, consider yourself far ahead of the pack since you’re working on building your own business for yourself. Let the marketplace work for you when it comes to deciding whom to hire for your menial tasks. Never ever feel obligated to pay top dollar for subpar work just because you prefer to work with someone close to your home. By passing on a subpar worker, that worker gets a signal that he must improve his performance and perhaps learn some new skills. Settling for subpar workers doesn’t do anybody any good.

Keep in mind when choosing your outsource workers that it’s often better to go with a company or team of proven providers rather than the single person. If you have a single person rather than a team, when that person is off sick or on vacation, their production drops to nothing. On the other hand, if you have a team, production will stay steady throughout the course of the week. If promptness is a prerequisite, choose the one that gets the job done first. In fact, it’s often better to choose the one less qualified but that can consistently deliver early, as opposed to a highly qualified person that is continually late and missing deadlines.

Keep in mind that the cheap hourly rate may not always be your best bet. Say you hire someone on at six dollars per hour but it takes them all hours to complete a task, and someone at $25 per hour to do the same job in just two hours. You just spent $22 more than you needed to on this task. Common sense should prevail and a willingness to learn as you go when developing your outsource team will take you a long way in this business.

Source by Scot Standke