Oculus VR Has Cancelled Some Customers Rift Pre-Orders

    On 6th January, Oculus VR opened up pre-orders for its head-mounted display (HMD) Oculus Rift. Retailing for $599 USD, the order page was deluged with consumers trying to get theirs in, and be at the top of the shipping queue. Oculus VR will begin shipments of the headset on 28th March, but it’s recently been revealed that some customers have had their pre-orders cancelled.

    The company has recently sent out the pre-order cancellation, with those affected due to buyers having the headset shipped to an unsupported country or misrepresenting their order, reports Tech Crunch. The site also received a statement from Oculus VR saying: “A small number of pre-orders were unable to be processed and as a result were canceled. Customers can contact support if they have a question about their order.”

    While under this Reddit thread some users have said they fully complied with Oculus’ terms but still got their pre-orders cancelled. Others have noted that they placed their order while in a different country, or selected a different shipping address to the registered billing address.

    The Oculus Rift will be the first HMD to launch from the three major manufacturers. Pre-Orders for the HTC Vive will be starting at 10:00 EST on 29th February 2016, with the kit costing $799 USD. While Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has yet to reveal an exact date and price for its PlayStation VR device.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of all the major HMDs, reporting back any further updates.


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