Oculus Connect 2 Sessions: ‘Lessons from Hollywood: Making Movies in VR’

    Throughout the week on VRFocus  we’ve been forgoing our usual morning discovery of what’s New To VR to check in with the recently published Oculus Connect 2 sessions footage. Today is no different as we travel back to another panel – one specifically dealling with the creation of virtual reality (VR) videos.

    Moderated by Oculus Story Studios Creative Director Saschka Unseld the panel features six speakers covering both the hardware and creative sides of the discussion. With representatives from Kite & Lightning, Felix & Paul, VRSE, The VR Company, Jaunt VR and 20th Century Fox.

    ‘From indie documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters, filmmakers all over the world are beginning to explore how VR can fundamentally improve the way we share stories. In VR, the traditional conventions of filmmaking don’t always work. Set designs need to adapt. The actor’s relationship to the audience changes. The way you capture and render live-action scenes becomes more complex. Join some of the top movie directors, producers and writers as they share techniques for making movies in VR.’

    VRFocus will continue to bring you virtual reality (VR) related news, features and videos throughout the week. If you’re interested in seeing 2014’s original Oculus Connect you can watch all the videos on the VRFocus YouTube channel.


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