NVIDIA Announces New Top-of-the-range Business Class GPU Quadro P6000

    It’s been a busy few months of announcements for graphics card specialist NVIDIA. In May the company announced its latest Pascal architecture products, the GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080, earlier this month the entry level GTX 1060 arrived and finally the range topping Titan X version was announced. Now at the SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference and Exhibition 2016 this week in Anaheim, California, NVIDIA announced the business class Quadro P6000.

    The Quadro P6000 is designed for professionals looking for the best in performance, whether that’s entertainment, design, engineering, architecture, medicine and virtual reality (VR).

    The released specifications are as follows:

    CUDA Parallel-Processing Cores – 3840

    GPU Memory – 24 GB GDDR5X

    FP 32 Performance – 12 TFLOPs

    Max Power Consumption – 250 W

    Graphics Bus – PCI Express 3.0 x 16

    Display Connectors – DP 1.4 (4) / DVI-D (1) / Optional Stereo (1)

    Form Factor – 4.4″ H x 10.5″ L Dual Slot

    What wasn’t revealed in the announcement were date and price for the new product other than it should be available soon. To give you an idea of cost the current Quadro 6000 GPU sells for over £2000 GBP, considerably more than Titan X’s announced retail price of $1,200 USD. Although with the recent prices of the GTX 1080/1070 and 1060 being significantly lower than the previous 9 series, the new Quadro P6000 may also see a similar reduction.

    As VRFocus learns more about NVIDIA’s newest graphics cards, we’ll bring you the latest updates.