Nodal Ninja R Series Panoramic Head Tutorial: FASTER and EASIER high res 360 photos with a DSLR

How to use a ring mount panoramic head (Nodal Ninja R series, including R1, R10 and R20). Updated fisheye lens comparison table here:
Featuring elite 360 photographer Peter Van den Wyngaert from, grand prize winner at IVRPA’s Street View Challenge 2018, and 1st prize winner of 360 Cities’ Panoramic Video of the Year 2018.
Official Nodal Ninja store (in Arizona):
Nodal Ninja R1 (adjustable tilt) basic: part F6161V
Nodal Ninja R1 (adj tilt) with selectable detents: part F6120V
Nodal Ninja R20 (two tilt settings):
Lens rings: check nodal ninja store to make sure they have a lens ring for your fisheye lens.
Choosing a camera body, lens, lens ring (now updated to include how to use a full frame fisheye lens with a ring mount adapter):