Next GoPro Fusion likely to be released Fall 2019

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GoPro had its Q2 2019 Earnings Call today.   CEO Nick Woodman noted that “the HERO7 line plus our spherical camera, Fusion, were the top four selling cameras in our category.” GoPro also reiterated their excitement for their new product lineup.   They also said that the new products will launch in Fall 2019.  GoPro is so optimistic about their new products that they predicted better profitability in Q4 because of the new products:  “We’re further encouraged on the second half outlook given positive feedback from both channel and retail partners on our fall product lineup. And we expect a mix of cameras to remain skewed to the high end and as a result, we continue to expect ASPs to be above $280 per camera for the year.”

Unlike the Q1 earnings call, they didn’t specifically mention that the product launch will include the next GoPro Fusion.  Nonetheless, during the Q&A portion of the earnings call, one analyst specifically asked about the next Fusion.   The analyst had commented on GoPro’s expectation of a higher ASP (average selling price) in Q4 2019, and he asked whether this was because of the Fusion “refresh.”  After pausing a bit, Nick only said, “Multiple products in our roadmap are going to contribute to this,” without saying anything further.

If you haven’t seen my video about the next Fusion, here it is.  Meanwhile the GoPro Fusion has been heavily discounted to $299 (from the original $699):

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