New Update for SteamVR Beta Will Allow Automatic Start for HTC Vive

    Valve is continually improving its SteamVR Beta platform with new updates arriving on a regular basis. This week features several additions with the main one being quicker and easier access to SteamVR for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

    Now owners of the headset can launch SteamVR automatically simply by turning one of the positional-tracked controllers on, pressing the system button or pressing the button on the headset itself. Valve does note that Steam must already be running for it to work though.

    Other features added include the ability to control the idle time (displays and controllers turning off), improved power management for the Lighthouse base stations, and additional settings to switch of SteamVR when it’s idle.

    As Valve continues its SteamVR Beta development, VRFocus will bring you the last updates. The full changelog can be seen below.


    SteamVR will now start automatically when a Vive controller is turned on, a controller’s system button is pressed, or the button on a Vive headset is pressed. Steam must be running for this feature to work.
    VR Dashboard:
    Added settings to control the amount of time the system must be idle for displays and controllers to automatically turn off.

    Added a setting to shut down SteamVR automatically after being idle for a specified length of time.

    Moved the setting to turn off controllers when SteamVR exits from the desktop to the dashboard

    Added firmware upgrade for base station bluetooth connectivity to improve power management

    Fixed problems with base station power management

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