New To VR: Journey Inside A Cell In Unimersiv App MoleculE VR

    Surely one of the more productive sources of virtual reality (VR) content this year has been educational platform Unimersiv. Previously on VRFocus we’ve discussed VR titles such as Egyptian MysteriesVR Dinos Deep Space VR and Where is the History Teacher? among others. Now yet another title has been published, this time from developers AppMinded and for the Google Cardboard.

    This time Unimersiv are taking us on a journey into the world of science, specifically Biology as through use of your Google Cardboard their experience MoleculE VR takes you inside a cell. How does it work? How does it know what to do? What does it look like inside and out. Here you can see it, right down to the atom.

    Consisting of three ‘chapters’ of exploration and discovery that tie-in real, world-leading scientific research that is changing the health industry, MoleculE VR is without question one of the more technical apps on the Unimersiv platform. Especially in comparison with some of it’s more lighthearted fare. However it does go to show just one of the ways VR can assist education at a variety of levels right up to the highest technical information.

    A video showcasing the app can be found below whilst more information relating to the technical requirements can be found on the Unimersiv listing linked above.

    VRFocus will continue to bring you news and updates relating to free to access and premium content for Unimersiv as it becomes available. You can find more stories relating to the Google Cardboard via the navigation dropdown at the top of the page.


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