NEW Insta360 EVO Sample 3D 180 video (5.7K VR180) + sample photo, 5.7K video, HDR video, slow motion

NEW Insta360 EVO sample video in 3D 180 / VR180 format. This is the NEW VERSION of the previous video with 5.7K resolution. Watch it in 3D and experience being in the beautiful SoCal resort of Terranea.
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Download samples here:
This sample video includes:
1. Sample photo in standard mode
2. Sample HDR photo
3. Overcapture within VR180 video
4. 5.7k video in standard mode
5. 5.7K HDR Video mode
6. 4K 50fps slow motion
7. 3K 100fps slow motion
8. Insta360 EVO audio quality sample
To see it in 3D 180, view it on the YouTube phone app and click on Google Cardboard icon, or view it on YouTube VR for Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, or Oculus Go. Please choose the maximum resolution.
Insta360 EVO is a dual VR180 and 360 camera. In 360 mode, it provides a super stable third person view. In 3D 180 mode, it captures a VR experience! (For best results, use a swivel chair, or stand in place.)

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