New Esper 2 Screenshots Arrive

    Earlier today VRFocus reported that Coatsink Software’s anticipated virtual reality (VR) sequel, Esper 2, will be arriving on the Gear VR mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD) on 10th December 2015. The super-powered title will be coming to the consumer version of the device, marking the developer’s second release for the platform having launched the original Esper on it earlier in the year. While the launch trailer for the title also made its debut with the news, VRFocus now has some brand new screenshots of Esper 2 to share, which can be see below.

    Both images showcase new environments for the expanded sequel, which will take its players outside of the simple room that the original was based in and into several new areas. The first showcases a room that looks as if it could be part of the same complex from the original while the other looks to contain one of the title’s new challenges. Esper 2 also features an expanded cast that enlists high-profile talent such as Nick Frost, Lara Pulver and Sean Pertwee. Eric Meyers, who voiced Geoff in the original title, is also set to make a return.

    Esper 2 casts players as the same character from the original, now an agent of the ESPR organisation. Working for the group, players will travel across the globe and even inside their own minds in an effort to stop a mysterious villain and his attempt to locate an artefact. This will be done by solving a wide range of puzzles that simulate telekinesis using the Gear VR’s head-tracking technology. The title is priced at $9.99 USD/£6.65 GBP. It’s yet to be confirmed if it will arrive on the Oculus Rift PC-based HMD, which the original will be launching on next year.

    VRFocus will be taking a closer look at Esper 2 in the near future, so check back for the latest updates on the videogame.

    New Esper 2 Screenshots Arrive


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