NEVER BUY THESE | Installing Real Acoustic Panels in my Bedroom!

West Coast Sound Solutions:
I’ve finally made the investment in professional acoustic panels. After a year of working with the low-priced acoustic panels you get on Amazon, it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Special thanks to West Coast Sound Solutions who came to the rescue and helped me to install some solid sound absorbing acoustic panels. These were custom fitted to the length of my room. Do you guys hear the difference?

Push Pin Clips:


Timelapse Gear
Sony Rx0ii:
Insta360 OneX:

Standard Gear
Sony A7Riii:
Sony 24-70mm:
Sony 10-18mm f/4:
Rode VideoMic Pro+:


Get my tracks here:
ES_Cabbage – Seamus Mcnamara.mp3
ES_Too Fast – Ooyy.mp3
ES_Like You (Instrumental Version) – Velveteen.mp3

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