Neos The Origin Gave Me the Power to Create Worlds in VR and it’s Amazing!

    Last night I was again checking out the LEAP Motion 2015 3D Jam entries and came across an absolutely amazing demo! Neos the Origin is another mind blowing demo from Frooxius, the very talented developer who brought us titles such as Sightline the Chair and Neos the Universe. In this demo we get to use our hands to build worlds and let me tell you it is a really powerful feeling! This IMHO is what VR is all about….Even with the sub par tracking of my LEAP, I truly felt like I had the power of creation in my hands! If you have a LEAP Motion and a DK2 you should really check this one out! Just don’t get lost in there…. I went back in after recording the video to play a bit more and before I knew it I had been in the demo for almost 2 hrs and it felt like mere minutes.

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