MY BEST 360s YET (& how I got them)

Where have i been? In Iceland… and while i was there i took some of the BEST 360 photos i’ve ever taken. So in this video i’ll show you all of the best 360s i took and exactly how i got them!

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► DJI Mavic Air (My drone):
► DJI Mavic Pro 2 (his drone):
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So I finally decided to tick Iceland off my bucket list, only to discover my suspicions about the country were correct: it’s 360 HEAVEN! With my Theta Z1, Insta360 One X, EVO, GoPro Fusion and Mavic Air in hand, i set out on a mission to capture the most picturesque country in the world in 360. In this video i’ll walk you though all of my best shots, how i got them, the settings i used, the challenges i faced, and how i got a LOT of money shots in not a lot of time.

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