Microsoft Confirm Xbox One Scorpio

    It was rumoured before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) even began, but now Microsoft has confirmed the existence of Xbox Scorpio, a more powerful version of the Xbox One created “for true 4K gaming and high fidelity VR” experiences, according to Xbox chief Phil Spencer.

    The announcement of Scorpio comes hot on the heels of Sony’s confirmation of its own more powerful Neo console, confirming that both companies will be working on virtual reality (VR) content. The console will deliver true 4K resolution, a 6 teraflops GPU, which Microsoft is saying is the most powerful GPU in a console to date, as well as 8 CPU cores and 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

    All games and accessories will be playable on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Scorpio so that no player is left behind but on Scorpio many games will surely see the benefits of its more powerful hardware with maximum resolutions and solid framerates.

    There’s no specific release date for Scorpio just yet, but it is expected sometime in late 2017.

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