Matterport Moves in to UK Market With 3D Camera For Property Viewing

    Matterport got a boost last year with investment last year, and now after its success in becoming one of the leading immersive media company in the US, Matterport will be bringing its VR tech to the UK along with all its benefits for estate agents and house hunters alike.

    It was announced this week that the company will be making the Matterport 3D Camera available on the UK market, meaning that UK property professionals will be able to show their properties worldwide. The viewer can check out properties using Matterport’s 3D showcase web-based player, moving through the property using their mobile device, PC, or head-mounted display (HMD). More than 200,000 Matterport spaces have been created so far, with more than 40 mil views racked up.

    Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport, shared that the company is focused on giving people a location-less ability to see properties, and that he anticipates its arrival in the UK: “We are already the market leader in immersive media in the United States, and are now thrilled to bring our 3D and VR models to the UK property market, enabling estate agents to attract more clients and more inventory, and to create a better buying experience for consumers.”

    Matterport’s Camera Pro weights 6.5 lbs, processes models in a matter of hours, has internally-hosted WiFi, and holds eight to ten hours battery life. The camera is also very simple as it boasts having only one button: the on button. It doesn’t require any adjustments, including light, rotation, or any techy things many people may not be able to get to grips with.

    For property professionals interested in Matterport’s camera and platform, the company will be demonstrating at the Future: Property Tech show in London on 19th May, and will take to the Main Stage at 3:15 BST to showcase its technology. What can be expected is: Mattertag Posts, which allows estate agents to annotate properties; 3D Showcase for iOS app, where estate agents can have offline access to their inventory; and other features including measurements and schematic floor plans.

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