Massive Update Released for The Gallery: Call of the Starseed

    Last month CloudHead Games released a sizeable update for its virtual reality (VR) title The Gallery: Call of the Starseed. The update was focused on improving the general performance of the title and this week the team has gone even further, releasing an even bigger collection of fixes and improvements.

    Again no new features have been added the update to version 1.1.2, it has been about ironing out the issues with Unity 5.4, alongside smoothing out the performance even further.

    The title has already got a very positive response from the Steam community so any additional improvements will only add to its popularity.

    The Gallery: Call of the Starseed also features in this weeks Steam VR Weekend Sale with a 20 percent discount, dropping the price down from £22.99 GBP to £18.39.

    The full update list can be found below. VRFocus will continue its coverage of The Gallery: Call of the Starseed, reporting back with any further announcements.

    v1.1.2 Changelog

    -General performance enhancements using Unity 5.4.0b17 ( native OpenVR )
    -Rebaked lighting to fix some visual issues
    -Better OC bake for tighter geo culling
    -Fixed performance issues with realtime GI in credits
    -Fixed broken level transitions that were loading asynchronously ( also should load faster )
    -Fixed broken level transitions if tracking was lost or player escaped elevator bounds
    -Added ability to use either controller for engaging blink system
    -Optimized visible bounds that were being processed outside of frustum
    -Removed redundant checks in blink system
    -Fixed hands not being able to pick up items
    -Fixed reset checkpoint not working in the Professor’s elevator control room
    -Reduced performance hitches from spammed error messages
    -Fixed elevator events not firing in certain cases
    -Added intensity fadeout on flares to fix popping
    -Fixed blink destination cursor to fix popping
    -Optimized some lights in beach
    -Fixed blink mode settings not saving
    -Fixed issues with other quality settings not reverting properly
    -Introduced a minor lighting issue near the end of the Lab, this is out of our control until the next Unity update unfortunately.
    -Added reset checkpoint in tent in case of tracking loss during sleep
    -Added head stability check in output log ( NOTE: Upon saving a checkpoint and going into the next level, the screen will remain dark until you keep your HMD steady. This is so you’ll be
    aligned to the view we’d like you to first see )
    -Prebaked collision meshes for faster loading
    -Removed spamming error msgs after opening beacon case
    -Optimized some interactions for stability
    -Prevented some random popups from showing
    -Professor should not be offset while throwing fuses in certain cases
    -Improved door interactions that were difficult to open
    -Fixed issue with some characters being offset in scenes
    -Fixed backpack so that it is easier to grab and stow
    -Fixed initial backpack opening stutter
    -Fixed some issues with error spamming
    -Global GC alloc optimizations
    -Reduced VRAM requirements
    -Fixed global fog in end scene
    -Removed troublesome geo on beach
    -Fixed issues where blink bounds colours would be stuck as red
    -Upgraded and optimized legacy flame particles
    -Optimized shadows and particles in Sewer level
    -Optimized some materials in unreachable areas
    -Fixed issue with no reverb on footstep foley
    -Removed double geo in Tutorial level
    -Fixed issues with animation timing errors
    -Fixed issues with dropping important items
    -Fixed negatively scaled colliders
    -Fixed reset sector issue and allowed blink areas in Lair level
    -Improved the fog particles in the Lair and Lab level
    -Removed some additional unused assets and plugins
    -Fixed flare spawning issues
    -Fixed rare issue with flare offset in flare gun
    -Removed unused checks in blink system
    -Fixed some broken ramps
    -I can’t believe you’re still reading this
    -Fixed issue with the Professor not respawning if revisiting the Sewer
    -Fixed ghost shader on player hands
    -Fixed cooler geo on Beach level to help with visibility and reach
    -Altered backpack tutorial UI for visibility on Beach level
    -Fixed fog graphics and some lens flare offsets
    -Note: There are some graphical glitches with Unity 5.4.0b17 that cause some light popping in the Lab and the second fog layer popping on the Beach