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Getting a custom order I go on shooting a little planet to a client. So I guide you behind the scenes, talking about in-depth 360 building photography. I show you how I plan, shoot and edit a photo, when I do it to a customer, making money of 360 photography. And for further 360 contents and tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube channel:

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Created by Gaba VR (Gabor Szidor N.)

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Last year I launched my photo exhibition turning 360 or little planet photography into fine art. And that’s how I created a collection of photos using different techniques. And among others, there are a couple of buildings photos, too, with some famous attractions of Budapest, like the Castle and the Basilica.

My new client wanted to a buy a photo like these, but had a special request: she wanted a photo of the Parliament of Budapest. So after planning the shot i had to take a ship to take the photograph.

In this video I show you the full process, talking about the basics of 360 building photography. You can join me on board and see how I achieve the perfect camera position and timing to get the best result.


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