M.A.R.S. Extraction VR

    – A virtual reality headset like a Dive, an Homido or a Google Cardboard (with strap) is required for the VR mode ;
    – A joystick or a keyboard (USB or Bluetooth) is required to play in VR mode ;
    – A Quad Core configuration – 2GB of RAM and an HD display is recommended to enjoy the best gaming experience.
    M.A.R.S. Extraction VRYou just infiltrate a Martian base to steal top secret plans, unfortunately you have been spotted, and you must escape. Your boss tells you that a transport shuttle waiting for you, but you must act quickly.

    1) Two types of weapons: Laser and missile
    2) Pick-ups and access map
    3) Gamepad and Mouse/Keyboard support
    4) Translations in English and French
    5) Trophies / Leaderboard / Cloud Save*

    * You need a Game Jolt account.

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