Luckey: Oculus Rift Price Will be Revealed When Pre-Orders Launch

    The virtual reality (VR) community is just months away from the launch of one of the biggest head-mounted displays (HMDs) on the horizon, the Oculus Rift. The kit is set to ship in Q1 2016, though a specific date and price for it are yet to be confirmed. VR enthusiasts eagerly await those details, then, and this week device creator Palmer Luckey has provided a very small hint as to when they’ll find out the Oculus Rift price.

    Speaking with RTE at the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland this week, Luckey confirmed that the price tag for the Oculus Rift will be revealed when pre-orders go live. “So we haven’t announced the final price yet,” he said. “We’ll be doing that when we launch pre-orders. But the thing to keep in mind is that the majority of the price isn’t coming from the headset, it is really coming from that PC that we’ve talked about. You know, we’ve talked about it costing roughly $1,500 if you don’t have a PC that’s capable of running Rift to buy the PC you need, to buy the Rift, to buy everything else you need and the majority of that is going to be in the computer.”

    Luckey’s comments are in line with VRFocus‘VR vs.’ feature that suggested both the price and date for the Oculus Rift would be revealed as pre-orders were put up. Again, there isn’t a specific date for when those early order opportunities will launch but Oculus VR has confirmed it will come before the end of the year. At least this makes it official that fans should know all they need to about the device before the year’s end, then.

    VRFocus will continue to follow the Oculus Rift closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.


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