London E skate Insta360 Backfire Ranger x1

Out riding on the Backfire Ranger X1. This is from the Indiegogo campaign.
So far the board has been going well. The range has been less than I expected but
the weather has been cold and this can severely reduce the battery performance.
It’s just under 10 degrees C out there on the ride despite the sunny conditions.

My first venture out to the city centre.
This ride is from Vauxhall train station to Southwark bridge.
I get swamped with tourists going down by the “Eye” (big wheel).
Then head across to the north side on a silky smooth cycle lane.

I’m only just getting a good feel for the board as it’s been many years
since my teenage days out skating across the city. It feels good to be
back skating in London.

All filmed on the Insta360 one X, set to 4k 30fps.
I made a school boy error the first time using the cam by putting it down and scratching
one of the lenses,,,,,bummer. Always keep it in the pouch when not in use!!

All the tunes come from the Youtube audio library, so fully copyright

The Chase ,Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – 046
A to the O,Diamond Ortiz – 3.15
Snoopin,Text Me Records / Social Work – 6.53

The funky drummer – You can’t help everyone but you should always try and help someone.

Nice to you, Vibe Tracks – 8.50
Making of thumbs,Joe Bagale – 11.57
Proud,Text Me Records / Bobby Renz – 15.04

Hope you enjoy the ride!

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