Live for Speed Now Supports HTC Vive

    Online racing simulator Live for Speed, which has supported the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) since last year has received its latest patch. The new patch 0.6J2 doesn’t feature any new content but does add support for Valve and HTC’s, Vive headset as well as fixes and improvements.

    Developed by Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey and Victor van Vlaardingen, Roberts revealed the update in a Reddit post, writing: “We’ve released a test patch that supports the HTC Vive (through OpenVR). As you may know, our Rift support has been highly rated for some time now. The Vive support is really smooth on my computer. I’d be very pleased to hear from anyone who can test it on their Vive.”

    The full changes from 0.6J to 0.6J2 are:

    Graphics :

    New reflections system and shaders for cars and buildings
    Nearby objects are visible in new dynamic reflections on cars
    Option to set number of dynamic reflections in main and mirror view
    Misc option to enable a programmable post-processing shader

    Misc :

    New command /rsh to reload shaders (e.g. after editing externally)
    Maximum number of controllers increased to 10 (was previously 8)
    Updated translations – thank you translators

    VR :

    HTC Vive headset is now supported through OpenVR
    Oculus Rift support now requires runtime 0.7 or later

    Training lesson editor :

    SHIFT+T on main entry screen to access lesson editor or list editor
    Layouts for lessons must be copied from layout to training folder
    SHIFT+T on training screen to view and test newly added lessons

    Fixes :

    Improved validity check when loading car colour settings

    Users will need version 0.6J before adding the patch which can be downloaded from Live for Speed’s forum. VRFocus will continue to report on any further VR updates to Live for Speed as there’re announced.


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