Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy • Full Show in 360º 4k+ HD 2019 • Disney's Hollywood Studios

We really enjoyed the new Lightning McQueens Racing Academy at Hollywood Studios! Kids are loving it, and you can see the full 180º screen show here with this 360º video!

We recommend families with young kids should definitely go see this new show! It’s a great way to keep little ones busy while the older kids/adults are riding Tower of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster (Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy is located behind Rock N Roller Coaster). It’s a cute show that Cars fans will love, and the show keeps kids engaged throughout the whole experience. Parents can enjoy the little quips throughout the show that kids won’t necessarily get but are still a great part of the experience.

There’s a waiting area outside the show where you can dance with Cast Members and take pictures with Cruz Ramirez until the next show starts. The shows are approximately every 15 minutes, with each show time running around 11 minutes.

When you walk in to the show, you see Lightning McQueen’s big number 95 on display in front of benches for everyone to sit on. The room isn’t huge which is nice because everyone has a good view from where they’re sitting.

Mack and Sally start out the show on the screens talking and asking questions from the Cars movies while everyone is coming in and getting seated.

To start off the actual racing academy show, Mater introduces his best friend, Lightning McQueen, and Lightning appears in full character on the stage. He invites everyone to train with him on his simulator. While training, Cruz Ramirez comes on the screen ensuring safety on the simulator and talking through what to look for while racing (tire pressure, gas, and oil).

The feed gets interrupted by Chick Hicks, who challenges Lightning to a race on the simulator to see who the best racer is once and for all. They decide to race, but Chick Hicks messes with the levels on Lightning’s system, so he starts falling behind. But as always, Lightning’s friends come to help and get him back on track (pun intended).

Lightning McQueen wins the race, and Chick Hicks gets pushed off the screen by Miss Fritter.

Lightning reminds everyone that racing isn’t about speed or crossing the finish line: it’s about the journey and who you have driving along beside you.

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