Life In 360°: Skate L.A. With XTreme Video

    Since everyone is in Los Angeles Monday’s Life In 360 was as far away from there as possible by way of a change. Today’s however is courtesy of the approppriately named XTreme Video and features skateboard Vlogger Christopher Chann amd ptjers on a trip around the skateboard venues of L.A. from the city streets to the famous Venice Beach

    “I’m super stoked to create original VR content with XTreme Video and share it with our fans and subscribers. They are super connected with new technology so I’m sure they will love this!” said Chann in a statement.

    XTreme Video have already begun pushing VR content heavilyacross multiple platforms, including Samsung’s Gear VR service. “We are proud to bring our new XTremeVR Channel to our communities and experience what 360° VR really is for!” added company representative Gregg Bywalski.

    VRFocus will be back with another Life In 360° on Friday.