Life In 360°: Prepare For Lift Off With Konept VR and a ULA Rocket

    We ended last week on Life In 360° with a trip to a galaxy far, far away courtesy of Littlstar and Star Wars. We begin this week with another trip to space, although this time a somewhat more real prospect and one a lot closer to home.

    Released last week by the United Launch Alliance (ULA) today’s video takes us back to February 10th and the launch preparation and lift-off of a Delta IV rocket. Created by Koncept VR at ULA’s request the video is available both on YouTube (below) and can also accessed via the Littlstar app, which combines footage from six camera rigs at Vandenberg Air Force Base, and shows a never before seen view of the launch.

    Strangely the NROL-45 mission was actually used to put a spy satellite into orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office – which you would’ve thought would be a bit treated a bit more secretively than having videos and press releases of the launch made. Regardless fans of space travel and the technology behind it are sure to enjoy this unique perspective.

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