Life In 360°: Dancing Through Clouds, Powered By The Sun

    It’s always nice when we get 360 degree videos sent to us and today’s Life In 360° candidate is one such video. It was sent to us by Bruno Bohem, Deputy Head of Digital working on the Solar Impulse project. The solar powered plane has, as of less than an hour ago, successfully flown around the world using nothing but clean, renewable solar energy.

    Since we have featured a number of aviation related videos on life in Life In 360°, Bohem shaered with us the most recent one from the Solar Impulse itself, recorded as the aircraft flew at 28,000 feet in the air on a journey from Seville in Spain to Cairo, Egypt.
    Have a look around the cockpit both in the day and at night and get a glimpse of just what technology lies within Solar Impulse.

    VRFocus will be back on Friday for a last trip in 360 degree video before taking a two week break. Join us then, and of course throughou the day.

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