Life in 360°: Climb Everest With Sherpas

    Today’s Life in 360° has us up a mountain again with sports brand Mammut, and not just any mountain but the mountain. We’re off on an expedition to Mt. Everest for the first documented climb up the southern route of Everest with a 360 degree camera.

    Filmed as part of #project360 by Matthias Taugwalder, a virtual reality (VR) expert and technical director on the project, the video continues #project360 a VR project begun two years ago in partnership with German agency Heye GRID and CONCEPT360.

    A team of four Sherpas climbed the way from base camp at 5380 meters high to an the summit which sits at an of altitude of 8848 meters. The team’s route taking them past the full range of mountain highlights before they eventually reached the summit. Becoming the first mountaineers to capture the whole route with a 360 degree camera rig.

    “#project360 started out when we captured the full ascent of the Eiger North face for the first time. For that, we developed a special camera system with a backpack and a cube of six Go Pro cameras that record 360 images and videos in regular intervals. Since then we have captured more than 40 routes in the Alps and worldwide and now Mount Everest is the highlight of this project.” Taugwalder explained.

    You can watch a preview video below, and see the whole route up Mount Everest here: Our next Life In 360° episode on VRFocus is Friday. Join us then.