Legend 3D Receives Lumiere Award for 3D Scene of the Year

    Competition across all corners of the virtual reality (VR) industry is hotting up as more companies diverse and enter this new immersive frontier. One of those Legend 3D, a visual effects, VR and 3D conversion company whose clients include an array of Hollywood’s top studios. The company has recently announced it received the Advanced Imaging Society’s prestigious Lumiere Award for 3D Scene of the Year.

    Legend 3D claimed the award for its work on the film The Walk at the 7th Annual Creative Arts Awards. And this isn’t the first time the company has won a Lumiere Award, with it winning two in the past year for Outstanding Achievement in Software Development for 3D and Virtual Reality.

    Its work has also paid off in terms of demand for its 3D, VFX, and VR services, with plans to significantly expand operations at two of the company’s sites. “We’re thrilled to be in the position to create even more jobs for talented VFX and VR professionals in both our Los Angeles and Toronto locations,” said Mark Steffler, the company’s Chief Financial Officer in a statement. “The integration of VFX and VR into our already-comprehensive platform of client offerings makes Legend 3D very competitive in the marketplace.”

    Matt Akey, Executive Vice President of Production for Legend 3D also said. “Now more than ever, consumers are clamouring for a more interactive, cutting-edge experience at the movies, and we look forward to expanding our virtual reality and visual effects divisions to meet that need.”

    VRFocus will continue to cover Legend 3D and its VR projects in the future.


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