Kolor Forum: a new forum, a new start?

    On the 18th of November 2014 the Kolor community support forum has changed! It’s obvious when you visit it but the changes are not only aesthetic: the interface has been improved and features have been added! The forum is very important for us as we want it to be a key interface between us, the Kolor team, and our customers but also any other persons interested in our solutions.

    What’s new in this new forum?

    • Improved readability. The interface has been freshened up and modernised, it’s now easier to browse and find your way.
    • A responsive design. It is now easier to access the forum from a mobile device, if you want to check up on topics you have posted in or subscribed to while not on a computer.
    • Two different colour schemes. One light and one dark, which you can change whenever you want.
    • The interface is now available in English AND in French! So that our French users can also feel more welcome on the support forum.
    • A sidebar with quick links to the documentation, and live feed to the latest blog posts and announcements.
    • Announcements. There will now be more announcements posted on this board than just the software released. Warnings, patches and more will also be posted here instead.
    • The biggest change is a new functionality for marking support topics (and bug reports) as solved. The Original Poster (OP) can now select a response to their topic as the solution, which will add a tag to their topic: [SOLVED].

    What do I have to do in order to use the forum?

    Existing forum users don’t have to do anything special: your account, passwords and posts haven’t been erased or changed! If you haven’t joined our forum yet, feel free to do so by hitting the register button. Remember, you don’t have to be a Kolor customer to use our forum, you can also use it to ask us and the Kolor community questions before ordering to make sure our software and hardware solutions suit your needs.
    The forum is simply the best place to reach us, two dedicated members of our team are answering questions from there!

    If you want to know more about what’s new in the forum consult the post here, suggestions are welcomed.

    Kolor Forum: a new forum, a new start?

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