Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced for AuraVisor

    Portable head-mounted display (HMD) AuraVisor which has a computer built-in so users don’t require a PC or smartphone for it to work, smashed through its £100,000 GBP Kickstarter crowd funding goal earlier this month, after only 10 days. Now creators James Talbot and Fayuan Huang have listed their stretch goals for the campaign.

    With 13 days left to go the AuraVisor developers have listed five stretch goals to hit. The first goal is at £150,000 GBP which contains, a bundle of 10 games pre-installed, ergonomic strap and microphone support through a 3.5mm jack. At £250,000 GBP the headset will get a 30% bigger battery and Trinus VR. Jumping up to £350,000 GBP the team will add a forward facing camera, which would benefit augmented reality (AR) software. If the campaign manages to hit £450,000 then the AuraVisor will get its own videogame. The title will be exclusive to the HMD, and would feature multi-player. The final stretch goal is set at £500,000 GBP, and if that gets hit the company will develop hand gesture software.

    The first 1000 backers should receive their devices early, with a shipping date of February 2016. VRFocus will continue to follow any further updates to the AuraVisor Campaign as it aims for those stretch goals, reporting back with any announcements.


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