Join in the Fun with VRstudios’ New Player Zero Spectator Feature

    VRstudios the company behind the VRcade virtual reality (VR) platform has announced a new spectator feature called ‘Player Zero’, enabling the public to view a player from their point of view.

    Giving an enhanced spectator view of the VRcade experience, Player Zero not only allows observers to see a vivid, full-screen image from the eyes of the VR player, but also various dynamic third-person and birds-eye visuals of the gameplay action. The new function will be available within future VR content, experiences and solutions provided by the company.

    “VRstudios’ Player Zero makes observing a VRcade experience closer to watching people play a sport than a traditional video game,” said Jamie Kelly, co-founder and president of VRcade. “This is just the beginning of VRstudios’ enhancement of the spectating experience. Many related features will be included in future VRstudios and VRcade content releases.”

    The company has also announced Barking Irons, a Western themed shooting title where players have to defend a town from bandits will now be commercially available. Developed by VRstudios’ gaming and entertainment division, VRcade, the videogame is the first VR title by the company to feature multiplayer capabilities combined with the wireless-streamed HMD. All while running on a dedicated high-powered PC – avoiding wires, mobile phones or backpacks.

    “To succeed at Barking Irons, you have to be physically fast, accurate, and ultimately, your athleticism determines your effectiveness in the game,” added Ivan Blaustein, director, product integration at VRstudios. “That’s what makes our VR offerings unique and shows why our enhanced spectator ability with Player Zero will be popular with players and spectators, alike.”

    Both Player Zero and Barking Irons will be on demonstration at VRstudios booth during the Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) expo which returns for a two day event this Friday and Saturday.

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