Japanese Mobile Publisher Colopl Invest $50 Million in VR

    Investments in virtual reality (VR) are continuing to mount up, increasing the projected worth of the new sector in the videogaming industry. Japanese mobile game company Colopl have announced they will be investing so far the largest amount towards VR indiscriminately.

    The company, based in one of the tech capitals of the world, Tokyo, have set aside a grand total of $50 million USD with the intention of funding development within the world of VR videogames. It already developed one of its own inhouse games, not part of the $50 million fund, as a part of its most successful mobile videogame, Colopl Rune Story.

    Naruatsu Baba, CEO of Colopl, was reported by Fortune to have said: ““While mobile games will always be the core of Colopl’s business, this is the first time we have invested an amount this large outside of mobile.”

    In the article Baba went on to say, “As a gamer, I want VR games to transport me to a different world and put me in the body of a hero, something PC, console, and mobile can do figuratively, but without the full perspective VR can provide.”

    Baba is said to believe that if companies continue to invest, then predictions of the VR market could be surpassed, with the average market analyst forecast ranging from $30 to $70 billion USA by 2020.

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