Is the Meta Quest 2 still worth Buying?

Is the Meta Quest 2 still worth buying? I’ve been using the headset since it was first released two years ago and am ready to give an honest review of the most popular VR headset ever to be released.

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In the two years since the Meta Quest 2 was released it’s had a name change and price increase. It’s also become the most popular VR headset with hundreds of games and immersive experiences developed for it.

0:38 – Technical Specs
2:10 – Quest 2 for Gaming
3:23 – Wired VR Games
4:10 – Comfort
5:28 – The Metaverse
6:57 – Quest 2 for Watching Content
8:25 – Quest 2 for Fitness
9:49 – Privacy
10:41 – Price Increase
11:00 – Quest 2 Alternatives
12:23 – Meta Quest 3
12:47 – Is it still worth buying?

The Quest 2 is primarily bought to play VR games but you can also use it for social interactions, watching content and even fitness. I explore whether the Quest 2 is actually good for these activities.

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