Is HTC planning mobile VR headset?

    VR Bites is trying to get that question answered for a while now. During our demo with HTC Vive, we were teased with a smile. Today HTC makes us even more curious with a response on Facebook.

    On a post about the HTC One A9, HTC responded to the message: “Sweet phone, wish it could do VR” with an remarkable answer: “Maybe it will be capable of magic with subsequent updates.” With that answer HTC gives price that something is being developed for VR. It doesn’t tell if it is just software or a headset, let’s hope it is a headset.

    It would be a logical step for HTC to release a mobile headset for their flagship the HTC One A9. HTC’s competitors Oculus and Samsung developed the Gear VR together. HTC could compete to both of them by releasing a mobile headset for themselves.

    No better pairing this holiday season than the HTC One A9 and Android Marshmallow. #BeBrilliant

    Posted by HTC USA on december 2, 2015