iOmoon Brings Menacing Space Exploration to Oculus Store

    In virtual reality (VR) there has already been a few notable space exploration titles ranging from both educational such as moon exploration to downright sci fi-crazy space wars like EVE: Valkyrie, but the two ends of the spectrum aren’t necessarily always mixed together well. With Headtrip Games’ latest VR-exclusive title, iOmoon, they do just that and is currently available in the Oculus Store.

    iOmoon is “an amazingly immersive” single-player VR experience which takes the user of their Oculus VR head-mounted display (HMD) to explore and find out various things about the heart of Jupiter’s moon, iO. The concept of the videogame is to explore and in turn survive the exploration of the moon, which at first sounds easy enough but if you have watched the trailer the music featured on the Sotre page is enough to warn you otherwise.

    One of the features that also sets iOmoon apart from the other moon and space exploration titles is its use of streaming technology which allows for a nonstop adventure into a world filled with thing to discover, therefore meaning that the world will change and transform as the player moves around, creating uniquely generated content for a different experience each time it is played.

    Another feature, which was mentioned before, was the use of sound and music to create the feeling of dread and worry while exploring the desolate moon. The way in which iOmoon encaptures this fully is with its use of 3D audio to accompany the videogame to “fill the world around you”.

    The moon exploration title is currently available on the Oculus Store for those with an Oculus VR headset, which can only be assumed as both the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. It has also been pointed out that the title will be coming out on the HTC Vive soon.

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