Insta360 X3 vs GoPro Hero 11: THEY ARE SO DIFFERENT

Should you get the GoPro Hero 11 or the Insta360 X3? This DETAILED comparison will show you everything you need to know.

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In this video I take you through all the differences between the Insta360 X3 and the GoPro Hero 11. Both of these cameras are amazing content creation devices but they are also very different.

0.28: Hero 11 Specs
1:29: Insta360 X3 Specs
2:19: Video Comparisons
3:15: Insta360 X3 Unique Capabilities
4:31: Hero 11 High Quality Shots
5:15: Insta360 X3 Single Lens Mode
7:52: Photo Comparisons
8:36: Stabilization Comparison
10:41: Camera Design & Usability
12:11: Software Comparison
16:18: Which should you buy?

The battle between the X3 and Hero 11 comes down to creativity vs quality. Which is more important to you. I’ve been using both of these camera for a few weeks in two different countries to see what they can do.

In this video you’ll find dozens of side by side video and photo comparisons showing you the difference in quality. I’ll also be showing you the special features of these flagship cameras so you can see which appeals more to you.

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