He’s back in the saddle, and whipping up fresh new shot ideas for you to try!

Join @gimbalguru360 as he takes his X3 for a spin, with some stunning (yet surprisingly easy!) shots to try with your Insta360 X3. Most can be done with our Invisible Selfie Stick and some simple edits in Studio or Premiere. For the more advanced, you’ll need our 3m Selfie Stick and some knowledge of masks and Adobe After Effects.

Everything you need 👇
Insta360 X3: https://bit.ly/X3_yt
Invisible Dive Case: https://bit.ly/DiveKit_yt
Extended Edition Selfie Stick: https://store.insta360.com/product/Extended_Edition_Selfie_Stick?c=1344&from=accessory
POV Mouth Mount: https://store.insta360.com/product/pov_mouth_mount?c=1527&from=accessory

00:00 Insta360 X3 Intro
00:37 Tracking POV Shot
02:10 Portal Water Jump
04:06 Motion ND Shot
05:52 Fake Drone Zoom
09:12 SloMo Run
10:16 Dive Transition
11:03 Planet Landing
12:02 Invisible Dive Case
14:06 Fake FPV Dive
17:28 Time Flies Effect
18:52 Outro

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