INSTA360 PRO Studio Review

Check out the Insta360 Pro in the Scan studio. We talk all things 360/VR and look at just what this 8K game changer can really do!

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Insta360 Pro – Created to create
Designed from the ground up with creators in mind, the Insta360 Pro’s compact, spherical frame is custom-milled from aluminum alloy and surrounded with six 200° lenses. A detachable base and easy-to-grip contours make it a versatile on-set companion.

360 + 360 3D Imaging, 8K ultra-high definition
Capture stills and videos in stunning 8K. Go deep with with 360 3D.

Purpose-built real-time image stitching and preview
Grab a headset and dive into the scene as you capture. Live-stream in immersive 3D 360 as the story unfolds. Optical flow image stitching: seamless, dynamic, precise.

60% bandwidth reduction for smooth, efficient live-streaming
Using cube map projection and H.265 compression, creators can cut bandwidth needs by 60%

The Insta360 iOS and Android Range
Showcase your 360 world wherever you are with Insta 360’s iOS and Android cameras. Transform your iPhone into a hand held 360 camera with the Insta360 Nano
or turn your Android into a 360 webcam with the Insta360 Air . Insta 360 have made sure there is something for every ocassion and with instant live streaming capabilities your
family, friends and followers won’t miss a thing!