Insta360 Pro quick start guide / tutorial / workflow: it's unbelievably easy to shoot and stitch!

Insta360 Pro quick start guide / tutorial: you won’t believe how easy it is to shoot and stitch with this 8K 360 camera (it can also capture 6K 3D 360 and live stream in 4K in both 2D and 3D). CORRECTION: I was using an iPhone 5S, not iPhone 4! Sorry for the confusion!

UPDATE: Hands-on REVIEW plus sample photos and videos here:

UPDATE: tutorial for connecting to the internet and live streaming with Insta360 Pro:

Re discount, if you want to buy Insta360 Pro, here’s how you can get a discount:  for a limited time,  you can get an extra free battery and free charger (worth $198) with your purchase (you’ll end up with two batteries in total) by using this special link:
or you can get it through Amazon or B&H Photo at the regular price