Insta360 Pro 8K 360 / 6K 3D Virtual Reality Camera Detail Review | 8K解析度的360度全景相機分析和評價

The UPDATED review of V2 is here:

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After intensive testing of the first production model of Insta360 Pro, here is the full detail review of everything you need to know about this 8K and 6K 3D 360 Virtual Reality Camera.

8K 360 test footage:
4K 360 with RTS (Realtime in camera stitching):
8K Time-lapse test footage:
6K 360 3D test footage:
In-Camera Gyroscopic Stabilisation test footage:
Low Light Test:

Review Navigation links (use this to jump to different sessions):
0:30 – Introduction
1:21 – Side by side comparison between Insta360 Pro 8K 360 footage V.S. Nikon Keymission 360 4K 360 footage
2:27 – Turn camera on demo ( -Cons #1 – Long start up time)
4:00 – How to calibrate Insta360 Pro
4:50 – Recommanded stroage devices
6:25 – Taking 8K 360 Photo with Insta360 Pro Camera (it can take 8K RAW photo!! +Pros #1)
7:50 – How to record videos demo
9:30 – 4K Livestream demo
10:00 – Wifi connection with mobile phone – enable mobile control demo (+Pros #2 – solid mobile app)
11:40 – In camera Fan create loud noise while recording (-Cons #2 – make in camera audio useless)
12:43 – Short recording time (battery issue)
14:30 – Tips – how to identify front facing lens and how to avoid standing in stitching points
17:05 – Review of Optical Flow Stitching method come free with the camera
17:43 – How to upgrade your Insta360 Pro camera firmware to the latest version
20:44 – Review of in camera software Gyroscopic Stabilisation
21:29 – Gyroscopic Stabilisation test –
23:00 – Amazing Time-lapse feature built in
24:00 – Safety tips
25:00 – Film up to 6K in 3D stereoscopic

In conclusion Pros VS Cons
– It takes a long time to start the camera. Not ideal for run and gun 360 videographers.
– It takes a long time to stitch 8K photos in camera.
– In camera fan noise – affect audio recording quality (fixed now – has the option to turn the fan off)
– It can only have up to 1 hour continue recording time b/c of short battery life (recommended plugged-in AC power for long recording session)
– Gyroscopic Stabilisation is not up to expectation. Hand held gimbal is still recommended in my opinion

– It can take up to 8K 360 3D still photo. It has RAW DNG output. Great for serious 360 photographers want to post process the photos
– Good design: Easy to see indication when the camera is recording, even in a distance.
– It can do 4k Livestream directly onto YouTube and Facebook with mobile app – also has the best quality for 360 Livestream so far compared to all the other camera
– Solid mobile app to control every aspect of the camera – barcode scan to adjust camera setting feature is step up of the game.
– Good & easy optical flow stitching. It comes with free Insta360Pro Stitcher software to help fast and accurate stitching. The stitching quality is the best I have seen so far compared to other cameras.
– High resolution. Far away subjects are still clear and look sharp (no more blurry 360 footage).
– Amazing customer support from Insta360 team (they have 24 hours support and response time is less than an hour on their facebook group!).
– In camera Gyroscopic Stabilisation
– Built in 8K and 8K 3D/Stereo Time-lapse feature: produce beautiful high resolution time-lapse easy
– Film up to 6K in 3D stereoscopic

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