Insta360 One X2 accessories you REALLY NEED and the ones you DON’T; plus: no Insta360 One X2 discount on Black Friday?

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Insta360 One X2 accessories

Are you getting the Insta360 One X2?  Here are the accessories you need and the ones you don’t.  Also: if you ae waiting for a Black Friday discount for Insta360 One X2 ($429) here’s the news.  Insta360 is indeed going to have a Black Friday sale, but the One X2 is selling very well and rumor has it that there will be no discount on Insta360 One X2 nor will there be free accessories.  Of course that can change, but that’s the best information I have right now.  However, there will be discounts for other products, such as Insta360 One R and possibly other cameras as well.

Now here are the Insta360 One X2 accessories you should get and the ones you probably don’t need.

If you’re getting the One X2, you should order the accessories you need together with it to save on shipping.  Otherwise, buying accessories individually can cost up to $18 in shipping, and most of these accessories aren’t available on Amazon yet (as of the time of this writing).  Here are the accessories you should buy and the ones you probably don’t need.

  1. Microphone adapter: highly recommended.  This will let you use a lav mic or external microphone for clearer audio.  Essential for vlogging.
  2. Extra battery: recommended.  The X2 has a long battery life of a bit less than 80 minutes, but this battery is not yet available elsewhere.
  3. Utility Frame: this cage for the One X2 adds two cold shoes, which you’ll need to attach the Rode Wireless Go or other microphone but is kind of bulky and pricey ($49).  Instead, check out the cold shoe (see below).
  4. Cold shoe: this accessory attaches in between the X2 and your selfie stick, and is a convenient way to add a cold shoe.  IMHO, it’s a better choice than the Utility Frame.
  5. Lens guard: highly recommended.  Beats having to replace your camera from a broken lens.
  6. Quick charger: recommended.  Let’s say you have a trip tomorrow and you have two or three batteries.  Are you going to charge them one by one, and keep coming back to charge each one?  Having a quick charger can not only charge faster, but can charge multiple batteries.  You can do without it, but it’s really much more convenient to have it.
  7. Bullet time cord: I don’t have this accessory but if you like the bullet time effect, I personally prefer the bullet time handle because I can spin it at any speed (I don’t have to spin it fast enough to stay in the air) and I feel the bullet time handle is safer.
  8. Multi-purpose tripod: tripod legs are very useful and are required for virtual tours.  But I prefer the MT-02 tripod legs, or if you want legs that work very well in uneven terrain the Leofoto MT-03 (they’re very compact, and work very well in uneven surfaces, but they’re expensive and they’re not very wide).
  9. Dive case: if you want clear underwater photos or videos, then this is the only way to get it (other than through a 360bubble or similar dive case).
  10. Back bar: if you have a bike, scooter, skateboard, etc., the back bar is a great accessory for hands-free footage.  But it’s also available on Amazon Prime, so you don’t have to decide right away to get it from Insta360.
  11. One X2 Carry Case: this is a new custom case for the X2.  It’s pretty good but I prefer my Lowepro Portland 30, which can be used for any other 360 camera, and also has a belt loop that can be unfastened without removing my belt.
Insta360 One X2 Carry Case
Insta360 One X2 Carry Case

If you want to find out why the One X2 is really hot right now, check out its features here in my in-depth review.

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