Insta360 One X vs Ricoh Theta V vs Xiaomi Mi Sphere

A series of clips in 5 locations with the Insta360 One X, the Xiaomi Mi Sphere, and the Ricoh Theta V. That is also the order for each location: One X, Mi Sphere, Theta V. At the beginning of each clip look down and you’ll see the name of the camera.

This was edited in Adobe Premiere, but no color correction was added. The One X footage was recorded at 5.7K, but downconverted in Premiere to match the Mi Sphere and Theta V’s 4K.

To see more footage from these cameras, direct from the camera/app (i.e. not edited in Premiere), check out:
Insta360 One X:
Xiaomi Mi Sphere:–TZYlVwZ4g&list=PLEsuvJbmD9yfG2s7sEwTl4tWKmcGAc30D
Ricoh Theta V: