Insta360 One X Virtual Run Tour and Hyperlapse | La Jolla Coastline (3D Audio)

First run attempt with the Insta360 One X. It was a 4 mile run up the La Jolla coastline. I ran along the shoreline, tidepools, scenic cliffs, visited the baby seals, and finish at Scripps Pier.

Overall, this was a pretty good test run for the stabilization and goofing around with all the 360 editing features. The selfie stick and Insta360 One X combo wasn’t too heavy during the long run. Still trying to figure out the best orientation on how to hold it while running. There are lots of blurry artifacts in the horizon. Running straight into the sun didn’t help either, which gave a halo effect. The more time I have goofing around with the camera, the more interesting point of views I will be able to find. Flow stabilization holds it own on this test run since there is no gimbal and I didn’t do much to keep it steady. I just held it up and ran.

I did have problems with the insta360 studio software. My files can be up to 20+ mins long, which makes them really large, like 11GB in size. With this much 360 footage it becomes a bottleneck when editing in the software. The biggest issue I had was with saving my progress during editing. The save function doesn’t work. You need to edit the entire clip from start to finish and export before closing the program. If you try to save the file, close the program and come back to it later, all your work will be lost. Maybe I did something wrong but it happened to me twice and I lost over an hour of editing and had to start all over. If you have ever edited a 360 video, you know how frustrating that could be. Just a heads up so it doesn’t happen to you. Again, the more time I have with the software and camera the faster and better things will become.

Camera battery life wasn’t too bad this time around. I did have to switch out batteries mid run. Which was nice to have that option.

Overall I am happy with the results. At this point, it is difficult to decide between the Osmo Pocket’s 4K/60 fps and this more creative little 360 camera. I will continue to keep testing. So, the jury is still out for me. More virtual running tour videos to come. Mahalo!

[Wear headphones to hear the full binaural 3D audio experience]

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