Insta360 ONE X Unboxing, Setup, and Getting Started

In this video we unbox, setup, and show how to get started shooting and editing footage with an Insta360 ONE X camera. This is not a comprehensive review but rather is designed to get you up and running quickly with this camera.

Topics and timestamps:
(0:14) – Introduction and scope
(1:31) – Unboxing
(12:06) – Installing microSD card, battery, and charging
(15:27) – Installing Insta360 ONE X app on Android mobile device
(17:36) – Updating camera firmware
(20:30) – Connecting camera to phone via USB cable
(22:14) – Connecting camera to phone via WiFi
(24:18) – Sample footage from a normal camera
(27:34) – Downloading footage from camera to phone
(28:56) – Editing footage on the phone
(33:21) – Installing Insta360 Studio 2019 software on computer
(34:57) – Downloading footage from camera to computer
(36:38) – Editing footage on computer
(42:32) – Sample footage from ONE X camera
(45:37) – Free battery mystery solved

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