Insta360 One X Travel Vlogs: MILAN + Editing Tutorial

Shooting Milan with the Insta360 One X. I took a trip to the beautiful Italian city of Milan and shot exclusively with the Insta360 One X to create this travel video. At the end I’ll give you some editing tips on how to achieve some of the effects I used which can only be achieved with a 360 camera like the One X.

Insta360 One X available here:

The One X is a great camera for your travel videos. It allows you to capture everything around you and edit later to point wherever you want. I used Premiere Pro and the GoPro VR plugins to achieve this effect however you can also use the free editing app to get a similar effect.

In my next travel video I’ll share more One X editing and shooting tips, including how to use the free editing app for those who don’t use Premiere Pro.


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