Insta360 One X – Tip 6 Improve Your Horizon Results (including a Jurassic ending)

Insta360 One X – Tip 6 Improve Your Horizon Results

In this week’s episode I will show you the benefits of calibrating the Gyro before you film.

1. Always calibrate your Gyro before you set off for a day of filming.

2. Consider holding your camera vertical and the horizon level when you press the record button on the camera. Once the camera starts recording then move the camera into the position you prefer.

3. Make sure you phone Gyro is calibrated. So many people don’t calibrate there mobile phones and wonder why google maps is not working correctly.

Many people are reporting Horizon issues on there captured footage. The above tips will help, but will not always cure the issue. I believe the issue can be fixed with an app update, so please report to Insta360 if you are experiencing any problems. The more people who report, the quicker we will get a permanent fix 😀

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Video made with a Samsung mobile phone, selfie stick tripod and KineMaster Video App. PLEASE NOTE, NO DINOSAURS WERE HARMED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO 🙂