Insta360 one X stuck ?

Camera stopped working. It has the firmware v1.17.15 it came with out of the box. UPDATE7: I’ve tried a few things: pull out battery and wait a bit to restart. Charged the battery again to 100%. Tried to connect to a windows PC with the USB cable with and without battery (PC doesnt recognize the camera but charges the battery). Tried to connect it with the USB cable and wifi to a Huawei pro phone. But results it always the same. It freezes.
Swapped another micro SD card (sandisk 32GB class 3 for 4k actioncameras). Formated the card on a pc with SDcardformater. But camera freezes. Camera starts with both buttons not just the startbutton and freezes. I contacted the Insta360 customer service and they replied so…. I hope I can reset the camera myself and I don’t have to send it back. Insta360 said I have to send camera back to Eglobal. 17-01-2019 I’ve put newer firmware on the SD card. But starting the camera won’t update the camera. It starts in interval mode and stuck as always. Finally eGlobal will send DHL to pick up the camera. 04-02-2019 eGlobal will give my money back. they have no new Insta360 one X camera in stock.